Rabbit! Run! Rabbit! Redux…

I thought I’d cut and paste a couple of things I posted in Jog’s comment-thread, just to keep all of my We3 thoughts in one place:

I actually tried not to include any real spoilers in my We3 post yesterday, but since you’ve touched on several plot points in the body of the text here, I thought I’d drop a thought or two in this space!

The major thematic aim of issue #2 seems to have been to dramatize a kind of transvaluation of values in Bandit’s mind–to the point where that one act, pulling the dead guy out of the water, goes from being “good” to “bad” (and, of course, the corollary of this is Pirate’s continued reliance upon human “bosses” for help with her/his tail–after Bandit and Tinker have ignored his/her pleas…)

Clearly, this crew (or what’s left of it) now understands that, though human beings may have imparted the idea of a moral code to them, they can no longer trust “The Man” to provide the content of that code!

Jog replied:

Interesting stuff Dave – I have to admit I find myself wondering why Bandit seems to be the only one concerned about the consequences of his actions (albeit on a very simple level, like killing scared people = bad). Perhaps the other two were left more to their own devices in their prior life and never developed Bandit’s moral sense?

To which I responded:

I think that when Bandit says “Bad Dog”, he’s referring to his failure to pay attention to Pirate, rather than to the hunters or train passengers that he’s killed–but, obviously, there are several ways to interpret these basic conversations…

on the indifference of Tinker and Pirate to moral issues: well, I think Pirate’s concern for “friendship” has to count as moral thought–certainly a rabbit’s main concern in the wild is to determine whether other animals want to eat them or not (i.e. whether they are friends or foes), but it’s not part of the normal course of things for a rabbit to play peacemaker between two other creatures (thus universalizing the question of friendship!)

on Tinker: well, I think s/he’s decided that all moral thought stinks of The Man (sort of the way a certain type of activist will claim that “the alphabet” brought destruction upon the human race by creating the necessary preconditions for hierarchies of expertise–there’s some truth to it, but there’s a lot left unsaid there!)

Jog’s review is excellent by way. So is Ian’s!

Okay–time to go deliver my presentation on Mark Twain!

Good Evening Friends!

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