Sad Commentary

Adam Stephanides expresses his general dissatisfaction with DVD commentaries and–for perhaps the first time ever–I am in complete agreement with him! Personally, I never want to hear another has-been/senile director mumbling, “oh yeah, we had fun shooting that, I think that’s pretty good…” If you think I’m kidding or exaggerating, then you clearly haven’t wasted as much time as I have listening to this shit. The worst offenders in this regard are the Frank Capra films, which all feature misguidedly filiopietist commentary by the great existentialist director’s idiot son, who mouths fuzzy platitudes (which he learned from the decrepit old man’s own nostalgic autobiography) about the “sympathy for the common man” and good-hearted optimism manifested by the films. These commentaries could set back Capra scholarship by decades! I’m about to become ill just thinking about it, so I’d better stop right now!

I feel I should add, however, that there are, as always, exceptions to this rule–most notably the Gondry-Kaufman shadow-war that now lurks just one click out of phase with the text of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the amazingly entertaining/insightful performance laid down (by the Waiting For Guffman people) on the commentary track of the Criterion Edition of Preston Sturges’ masterful Sullivan’s Travels!

Now if only Adam would explain why he thinks Grant Morrison is a misanthrope (I am, of course, on record as having made exactly the reverse claim!) we’d be on the road to some kind of true understanding!

Good Evening Friends!



  1. Just a suggestion – the commentary for The Limey is basically Soderbergh trying not to get into an argument the writer (Lem Dobbs?) who thinks he has misrepresented the script. Given your intrest in Eternal Sunshines adversarial com. track, this might interest you. Todd

  2. right as rain Jamo! No classic film comment-track is safe as long as Bogdanovich remains at large and in possession of enough of his faculties to bore us with his insipid tales of old Hollywood!


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