Was It a Ghost? Was It Fun?

I discovered, to my delight, that the video store on the block next to mine (“Video-To-Go”) is actually a wonderful place! This comes as a godsend to me, because I had to leave all of my videos (+ my VCR and TV) in Montreal! Luckily, this laptop plays DVDs, and–my former kvetching self to the contrary–there really are a lot of good movies already available in that format… So I rented Pola X–a magnificently demented go at transcribing Melville’s Pierre to the screen (and I have to credit this TCJ Messageboard thread for inspiring me to watch it! You don’t hear me saying things like that very often!); It Happened Tomorrow–a Rene Clair fantasy-comedy about a guy (played by the terminally underrated Dick Powell) who gains access to tomorrow’s headlines, today! (the supporting cast really enhances this thing too–it’s filled with character people like Edward “Doiby Dickles” Brophy, Sig Rumann, Edgar “Slow Burn” Kennedy, Jack Oakie, etc…); You Only Live Once–a powerful Fritz Lang proto-noir, not quite as good as Fury, but very close to it, both in terms of quality and of theme; and Vertigo, which I’ve seen many times, of course, and which always leads me back to Gerry Conway’s spider-man! I was also struck, during these last two viewings of Hitchcock’s study of obsession, by how similar the film is, structurally, to Sturges’ The Lady Eve; and this has sent me staggering and reeling into strange musings upon the nature of nostalgia in “corporate superhero comics”…

Hopefully, I’ll be back with some of that soon! Meanwhile, there’s a lot of good seasonal fun to divert you here and here… and here’s a really interesting article on Vertigo itself!

Good Evening Friends!


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