Can Someone Please Explain To Me Why There’s Never Been A Punk Band Called “New Model Barbie”?

Or has there?


Further Engagement with Mr. Jeff Chatlos and the denizens of his fine Coffee Shop… Who decides when a work has “transcended its category”/”Defied Expectations”? If you’re gonna think in those terms, someone has to be authorized to make rulings in exceptional cases, like Hammett, Chandler, Capra, Hitchcock, Hawks, John Ford, Peanuts, etc… If you feel that being too close to the things you love disqualifies you, then who does qualify? An academic? A New York Times Reviewer? A person you love and respect? Milo George? (Naw, he’s clever, I grant ya, but don’t bother him with that stuff right now, he’s busy throwing pies that he refuses to eat at Our Smug Indifference!)

Anyway, I’m glad I don’t have to make those decisions–or require anyone else to make ’em for me! That’s what comes of being crazy enough to believe that whatever I like is worth discussing!

Also: Spider-Man: Blue and My Discontents…

G’Night Friends!


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