There are only four of ’em, but They’re Important

Jeff Chatlos interrogates himself on the subject of aesthetics:

Q1: Is all material in any given art form equal? [note that I’m using “art form” in it’s broadest sense.]

Q2: Is it fair to compare material within an art form? Can material in one form be reasonably compared with material in another art form?

Q3: Is a “canon” or “hierarchy” valid (or even necessary) when talking about art? If so, how is it created and what is it’s use?

Q4: If I don’t find something interesting or even entertaining, is it still valid, and can I assign it to similar works in a hierarchy? [I may need to redefine this question later]

His answer–to each of them–a qualified “yes”… What follows (in the body of the post, and in comments by the likes of Alan David Doane) is an earnest attempt to defend (what I consider) the indefensible–an objective aesthetic hierarchy.

And yeah, of course, I chimed in with a typo-ridden blast of my own!

Good Afternoon Friends!


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