When Life Gives You Rocks…uh, Domesticate Them?

(Chuck kinda looks like Rorschach in that drawing, dontcha think?)

I just came across an excellent essay on “Godot and the Great Pumpkin” whilst gathering net fuel for a short story I’m working on: “Sincere Went Away”.

I like the way this guy (Forrest D. Poston) thinks:

Near the end of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” Sally’s patience ends with, “I spent the whole night waiting for the Great Pumpkin, and all that came was a stupid beagle.” My initial reaction to Waiting for Godot was much the same as Sally’s unsatisfactory Halloween, but when dealing with trick or treat, you sometimes get the trick. As a result, I spent several years feeling grumpy at the mention of Samuel Beckett, but I was never quite convinced that the darkness was quite so absolute or necessary. The more someone quotes “there’s nothing to be done,” though more I look for something to be done. When I realized that the Great Pumpkin equals Godot in absurdity, but we respond to the two stories differently, I knew that I’d found some wiggle room to alter the perspective, interpretation, and application.

Check it out–it’s not a waste of time!

Good Evening Friends!


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  1. Hey now, I’ve been accused of doing many things, but thinking is one of the less common words used. Meanwhile, you forgot to say that you were so utterly captivated that you read the entire site and now do nothing but sit at your computer waiting for site updates. Actually, that particular essay still need quite a bit of work, though I like the direction. Eventually, there will be a comparison of the different ways high school teachers and critics mess up our readings of Robert Frost and Samuel Beckett. You were actually at an old address by the way. I try to keep updates going there as well, but I’m now king of my own domain at http://www.philosophyandnonsense.net. You might check “The Blessing and the Blues” which has a movie/Capra tie in. Meanwhile, this site has me thinking it’s time to reread my Dr. Strange collection. First, I’ll just contemplate the knowledge that I’m being read….and I didn’t feel a thing. Forrest

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