Okay–This is Fun!

(Soundtrack: The Rezillos —Can’t Stand the Rezillos)

Inspired by Will Pfeiffer (whose blog is great!) and The Comics Journal.

My Favourite Moments in the History of Comics (not in any particular order, y’unnerstand–and certainly not comprehensive):

1. Peter Parker’s first confused glimpse of the resurrected Gwen Stacy Amazing Spider-Man #143 (later in the issue, Peter & MJ enjoy a very cinematic first kiss!)

2. Cerebus and Jaka come to a horrifying impasse in a beautiful art deco corridor at the end of Cerebus #36.

3. Nite Owl serves coffee in Watchmen #7.

4. “Time becomes visible to the naked eye”, courtesy of Dave Cockrum & Steve Englehart, in Giant Size Avengers #2.

5. Dr. Strange and Clea watch a Gene Colan pteranodon smash into the Allied Chemical building on News Year’s Eve, uh, “some time ago”…(Dr. Strange #180)

6. Roy Thomas and Barry Smith ask: “Did you ever walk through something that isn’t?” (of course you haven’t!), in Avengers #66.

7. Dr. Strange meets Eternity in Strange Tales #138.

8. Barry Allen finds Cecile Horton (alive!) in a sensory deprivation tank beneath the rubble of her exploded house, in Flash #336.

9. Buddy Baker discovers that “the mystery is me” in Animal Man #22.

10. A group of animate costumes wave to a holographic procession of lost loved ones in Secret Origins #46

11. “Green Lantern wins the war” in All-Star Squadron #20.

12. Mary Jane tells Peter that she’s always known he’s Spider-Man, in Amazing Spider-Man #258

13.Peter Parker realizes that the waiters are aliens–sort of… (in Spectacular Spider-Man #50)

14.Krypto dies (sniff!) in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

15. The Spirit confronts “The Half Dead Mr. Lox” (I don’t remember where that’s from!)

16. Henry Pym decides to kill himself, after a last (viewscreen) conversation with Janet Van Dyne, in West Coast Avengers #17.

and, finally, because I’m tired, not because I’m really done:

17. MJ decides not to leave the room, at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #122

Good Night Friends!


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