Zing! Went the Search Strings of my Heart…

I don’t normally do this, but I have to say, I’ve been really impressed by the types of key word searches that have brought folks to this address of late, and I wanted to share a few of ’em with you.

We’ll start with my absolute favourite:

“spider man ella fitzgerald ross andru”

Whoever you are my friend, I thank you for caring about these things as much as I do!

I also want to send out some love to the minds behind these inquiries:

“dark knight returns purloined letter”

“weather symbolism blithedale romance”

“transcendentalism artwork”

“unbeing quasar”

“benet s daniel webster character analysis”

“mickey eye wallpaper”

(sorry I wasn’t any help with that one!)

“american revolution cerebus engaged”
(I don’t even know what this means, but I love it!)

“pierre peladeau greed”

“dual identities chimera”

There have been two searches for this in September (so far!)–and now I feel compelled to apologize for the fact that my film analyses never deal with the art of costuming:

“julie delpy s clothes before sunset”

there were also two searches for this, and I pray that there will always be more:

“grant morrison quotes animal man 26”

On the other hand, I don’t ever need to see these again:

“mj watson sex comix”

“gwen winthrop in shorts” (who the hell is Gwen Winthrop? don’t tell me!)

“sex Like and my lintels” (what?)

All in all, not bad! I’m gonna have to pay more attention to this stuff!

Good Afternoon Friends!



  1. search phrases are like the…hell I can’t even think of a good simile. But if nothing else, they demonstrate to us how much meaning isn’t necessarily bound up in the text, eh?

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