Oh yeah–this one goes out to all of the bloodthirtsy motherfuckers in my neighborhood…

Nope, Shooting At Inanimate Projectiles Doesn’t Do it For Me… I get off on “decreasing the surplus population”:

Hey “wingshooters” (“wingnuts”?)–so happy I got to Michigan in time to share this beautiful moment with you…




  1. This isn’t intended to disagree with you: while I do eat meat and probably do not fully share your views on animals, I don’t particularly enjoy hunting at all… in fact, I was often forced to do it as a child, and hated it. (I was also forced to work in the farm knackerhouse, or slaughterhouse as most people call them, from the age of 12 up.) But that kind of hunting (the dove hunting) is just baffling to me. I’m used to hunting being justified as animal population control (we hunted deer when I was a child on the notion that since there were no other predators, they would sicken and starve otherwise, which may or may not be the case, I’m no expert) and so I wonder: are doves so prolific in Michigan? Or is it purely a hunt for the pleasure of killing? The article doesn’t even address why there’s a need for this.

    -Matt Rossi

  2. it’s just good clean fun, Matt–and, moreover, this thing is happening despite the Governor’s promise, during her election campaign, that she wouldn’t lift the ban on hunting doves… I hope she knows what she’s doing–or, actually, I hope she doesn’t!!


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