Home is Where The (Freshly Killed) Heart Is

(Soundtrack: Sixties Jangle Radio)

So, according to Grant Morrison, issues number two and three of We3 will be driven by Bandit’s search for “home” (and this definitely supports Rose Curtin’s perceptive reading of the series).

I’m not sure what this passage from the interview does to my reading:

This is a story from a kind of animal perspective – it’s not about animal rights or sex discrimination or dirty deals politics, although they all come into it. It’s about meat and motion, hunger and fear and survival.

Pretty much invalidates it, no?

Well…maybe not…we’ll have to see (Morrison always gives a far less nuanced account of himself in his interviews/prefaces/manifestos than in his scripts)

It just seems to me that, if you’re going to give your protagonists access to language, you’re going to have to find a way to jam some “mind” in there between the “meat” and “motion”–I think we got more than enough of the latter two from Zola and his “naturalist” buddies about a hundred years ago–and, of course, that process is already under way in We3, notably here:

I’ll say this though: those cover illustrations have taken on a whole new significance, in light of these comments… Clearly, there’s no going back to the cosy niches pictured in those photos (and you know, it’s a fancy of mine that, if there actually was a Heaven, it’d be just one massive bulletin board filled with similar posters lamenting the “disappearance” of each and every one of us), once you’ve learned the art of conversation and killed a slew of dictators. So Bandit may be in for the Thomas Wolfe treatment… And it’s pretty amusing that the cat is the spokesmammal here for the cynical life (and the inspiration for my cheezy post-title)–the “Cynics” were the “dog philosophers”, after all!

Oh well, we’ll know a lot more when the next issue comes out…meanwhile I’ll get to work on those Morrison/Quitely X-Men, in between assignments!

Oh yeah–and Ed Cunard has a blog! Better still, he promises to embed his comics-talk in a broader aesthetic context than most folks in the “comics media” are willing (or able!) to. I have complete faith in this man! Encourage him!

Good Night Friends!



  1. Dave, I think you’re wrong about yourself! Or rather, first of all, what does it matter since you never care what the author says? But secondly I don’t think it really differs from what you’re saying. Even if you’re looking at the animal rights side of things, everything looks different in the trenches. Of course it matters that these are talking animals, but of course what is going to matter is not just their subjective person-animal-selves, but also the basic struggle to eat, hide, survive. I don’t know that that makes them different from humans, really,and that was your point.

    As for my analysis, I was trying really hard to stick to images and not talk about text. I don’t think I did very well, but it was good practice at least.


  2. oh, I still maintain that it doesn’t matter what the author says about their work, but, of course, Morrison is in a much better position than I am to explain what’s coming up in future issues of the series!
    I think you’re right though, that there is no necessary conflict between my prelimiary take on the series and Morrison’s presentation of it in the interview–these things do overlap! That’s what’s wonderful ab out interpretations–they can all be right!


  3. oh, I still maintain that it doesn’t matter what the author says about their work

    Oh, I’m dying, sincerely dying to read your interpretation of my book, David. That may sound sarcastic but I assure you it is wholly sincere. I’ve never witnessed someone with that particular belief in a dialogue with the actual writer, and if I have to witness it by participating in said dialogue, I’m still eager.

    Matt Rossi

  4. we should definitely get the chance Matt–’cause your book interests me a great deal, and I will be writing about it sometime soon…the only problem is that I was reading it when I started packing to move here to Michigan… that’s right–I forgot it in Montreal!

    I may ask my girlfriend to ship it to me–although, considering the fact that I have to read several books on American political/intellectual history a week from now until Christmas + correct 6000 words worth of essays by my students during the same time frame, it may have to wait until Christine comes to visit me for the holidays!

    I am looking forward to the discussion though!


  5. Oh, there’s no hurry: just as I said, very rarely does the writer of something get to enter into a lucid dialogue with someone who believes the product of said writing is independent of the writer. It interests me outside it being my work: I’d love it if Morrison would pop by and discuss We3.


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