I’m Not Really Back Yet, But…

I don’t have Internet Access yet at my new home, and so I have not been able to keep up with what my blogopeers have been up to lately (I did, of course, take a peek at last week’s Ninth Art, but who cares about that right?) Anyway, I’m not comfortable writing this thing unless I’ve got the cats gathered round the keyboard and some appropriate music blaring, so I’ll just have to wait to say anything of substance until my DSL connection is set up. I’m loving East Lansing, I’m tormented by the fact that Christine is headed back to Montreal in two days, and I’m eager to get rolling on this Doctoral thing! In the meantime, I want to direct your gaze to my friend Maggie’s new Victorian-lit focused weblog, which is off to a delightful start (Maggie has never been one to let herself fall into the trap of overspecialization however–and already she has veered into a discussion of the Olympics)

See you next week friends!



  1. Thanks, Dave! I am glad to hear East Lansing suits you. Victorian lit… not always but when I can. You are missed here.


  2. Jamo–it’s a wonderful place! (now where are those reviews of Doofus & Krazy Kat? Just kidding–you take your time my friend, we know the results will be worth it!)
    Maggie–I miss you and Montreal too, and I’m very pleased that I’ll at least be able to use your weblog as a bridge to my favourite city any time I want!
    Shane–you’re right, Ninth Art has been putting up some decent material lately, but that “Hector Reeder” “thinkpiece” was not one of ’em…
    See you all soon!

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