Things That Now Are

Thanks to Jess Nevins’ generosity, I received Matt Rossi’s book–Things That Never Were–in the mail this morning. It looks fantastic! I’m right in the middle of John Dos Passos’ massive USA Trilogy right now (which we’ll discuss at the final meeting of the reading group I helped to found in 1997 that I’ll be able to attend for quite a while…sniff!), and of course I’m about to go (Mid-)West, but I expect to deal with TTNW in detail in a couple of weeks!

Also–I’m still not sure what to say about Seaguy #1-3 at this moment–except that I found it mesmerizing, in a Dead of Night kinda way (and there aren’t many better ways, believe me!)

Good Afternoon Friends!


  1. Dos Passos, huh? The most romantic, and sprawling, of the LG, if you count him as a member (a bit of a predecessor, I’d say.) Interested in your thoughts on him… I always saw him as a bridge between the Stephen Crane/Theodore Dreiser social consciousness style of writing and Thomas Wolfe’s ‘Look Homeward Angel’ and ‘The Web and the Rock’

    Oh, yeah, and I suppose I’m interested in what you think of my book, too.

    –Matt Rossi

  2. I was reading some excerpts from you book Matt–and it sounds interesting…I might have to pick up a copy of it myself. Good luck on the move Dave…

  3. I hope to read your Seaguy thoughts soon, Dave! I just finished digesting the whole thing myself, and put some thoughts up on my page… it’s really tight, fun work taken as a whole.


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