Completely Hostile?

Adam Stephanides was unable to sit through a full screening of Gun Crazy (1949)!!!… This prompts me to wonder: do Adam & I agree on anything?

More soon friends!




    I’m tempted to make snide comments about his critical faculties. That would be unfair and unjust.

    But being unable to sit through Gun Crazy is not something to post about on a blog. It’s something to conceal and admit shamefacedly.

    It’s like not being able to enjoy Hell’s Hinges, as some of my classmates in grad school couldn’t. It says more about you than the film.

  2. It’s not that I was unable to sit through it. It’s that between the soggy script, the plodding direction, and Dall’s Jimmy Stewart impersonation, it didn’t seem worthwhile finishing it. (I stopped when Cummins proposed “one last job,” if you’re curious.) Cummins was good; I’d be interested in watching her in a better movie.

    Of course, it could be that a second viewing would change my mind. But life is short, and the world is full of movies, books, etc., which deserve to be checked out, so it would take a pretty convincing argument to get me to watch it again.

    “do Adam & I agree on anything?”

    Well, we both didn’t like Who Killed Retro Girl? But that aside, we do seem to be aesthetic opposites (as I mentioned once before).


  3. I agree that it’s never worthwhile to force oneself to deal with a work of art Adam–aesthetic appreciation is entirely dependent upon interest/engagement…


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