Topical Heat

This Sean Collins post brings the week that was into focus, and I thank him for that, because my blogovision has been awfully blurry of late–I’ve been attempting to spend as much time with the people in my neighborhood as I can, before I have to move…

Two things:

1. on the newest wave of “THIS IS COMICS AMERICA”–personally, I don’t think we’ll be able to say that the medium has “come of age” until critics can discuss (specific) comics without having to discuss “Comics”/”Comix”/”the potential of the artform”… Fuck the “artform”–the art is out there, so just dig in!

2. on Eightball #23–I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been enjoying the discussion. My friends Jamo & Anjo are coming into town for a visit next week, and they’re bringing the issue with them, so I should have something to say about it then…

See you soon friends!


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