“Was it grown up to come to the realization that oneself did not matter, that nothing mattered but a kind of consciousness of the wonder of life outside oneself?”
(Sherwood Anderson, A Storyteller’s Story)

I’ve been awfully busy of late–prepping myself and my feline friends for the journey south, but if Sherwood is right, then linkblogging is a sign of maturity! One thing’s for sure–there is plenty to wonder at out there on the web:

Spider-Man 2 has generated quite a bit of intelligent commentary already, most notably by Jim Henley, starting here. Once you’re done with Jim’s high-octane posts, you would do well to check out John Commonplacebook’s quiet rumination upon the chocolate cake scene (and I agree with him that it’s a standout!); Dave Intermittent’s treatment of the famous Spider-Maxim as the beginning of a discussion, not the end of one; and Henry Farrell’s speculative foray into Spider-Man 3 territory (also, in the comments, a guy named “Moleman” argues that the Peter-MJ relationship loses a great deal of the nuance that it has in the comics without the fact of Gwen Stacy’s death–and, I would add, her resurrected clone!) There’s a lot of other stuff out there too, of course, and a lot of it is very interesting… Oh yes–and I doff my cap to Sean Collins for using a picture to express his negative sentiments about the film, rather than wasting a thousand foul words on the subject! (I’m serious–if you really dislike something, it ought to be enough to just say so…nothing interesting ever comes of criticism unless the critic is able to form a symbiotic relationship with the aesthetic object!)

Also–Tim O’Neil has an excellent piece up about superhero continuity and “template runs” + an essay about Robert Morales’ recently concluded Captain America run which features some statements about the character that I disagree with quite strongly, largely because, for me, the Cap “template” is Mark Gruenwald’s tenure on the series… and, of course, this means that I’m looking forward to the post-Morales era. Steve Rogers should brood! After all, it’s not easy being the ideal private individual, unless your handlers simplify your life by sicking Nazis and other fascists on you all day long! America doesn’t “become itself” in these struggles–it loses itself in them… A true liberal-democrat never thinks of anyone as “them”–and there’s no “us” in “U.S.”.

In other news, Adam Stephanides is back on the Bendis beat, and he makes his fair share of good points in part one of his reply to critics of his initial critique of Daredevil #56… personally, I’m just going to sit back on enjoy this one from now on–I had no business butting into this discussion in the first place, since I haven’t read the comic in question (the only Bendis I have read is Powers #1-6, which did not interest me in the least…)

Last, but not least–I wish to express my gratitude to H and Mag at The Comic Treadmill–their selection of this blog as “July pick of the month” means a great deal to me!

Good Night Friends!


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  1. We just saw Spider-Man 2 last night, and what I found strangest about the chocolate cake scene is that I could swear it’s some sort of white or yellow cake with chocolate icing, which is not the same thing at all. I was really confused about this, but I’m pretty sure about what I saw!

    Well, ok, and it was weird that Ursula (and why should a Slav get a Scandinavian/Germanic name?) has the kind of poverty in which a person has only one or two sets of clothes, whereas in both movies MJ has apparently been able to find all sorts of hip vintagewear. And I found myself wondering how on earth Harry and MJ and Peter all ended up at the same high school in the first place, but none of this is germane to what you’re talking about!

    I thought one failing was that so many of the plots and characters, like Ursula and her father (whom I expected to charge in and demand rent when runaway MJ arrived) and even Aunt May went unresolved with no comment at the end of the film, but maybe that’s not as bad when a sequel is clearly on its way.


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