Survey Said!

I’ve been lost in wonderment all night, and we’ll be getting back to that in a few moments, because Christine brought this home from work tonight!

Great stuff! Seven movies–and a couple of Robert Benchley shorts in the bargain! It really doesn’t get any better than this (unless you’re talking about the Paramount Marxes–but we’ve got those already!)

So, in lieu of continuing my work on Conway’s Amazing Spider-Man, I think I’ll just answer this questionnaire that’s makin’ the rounds:

1. Do you tend to go to the nearest store, the best store, any store, or does it matter?

Whatever’s closest to hand. Soon (August), I’ll have a bit more money and a lot more incentive to keep up with what’s going on in the here and now–at which point I plan to open up a reserve at 21st Century Comics and Games.

2. Ladies, what books do you tend to purchase, or what kind would you like to purchase (if you are a male please leave blank or supply what a girlfriend reads)?

Christine is obsessed, in the very best way of course, with Peanuts (as am I!). I have yet to detect any interest, on her part, in any of the other stuff that I tend to obsess on…

3. What one thing would you add or change about your most frequented store (i.e. What is the worst thing about the store)?

I don’t think about them enough to answer this question. More browning old back issues I guess. I miss the hell out of those! But that’s ebay’s job now, I suppose. Mars, of course, is perfect in every way–except that you can’t find anything in that place.

4. What one thing would you not change (i.e. What is the best thing about the store)

The staff’s drug histories.

5. Do you read any small press comic books currently? Which one(s)? (examples: Lone Star Press, Avatar)

Demo. That’s 50% of my monthly purchasing budget right there, because the only other title I’ve bought off the rack in the past 12 years is Seaguy.

6. What back issues do you buy?

Anytime I find a silver/bronze age Marvel or DC comic for less than two bucks, I want to buy it. If I actually have any money in my pocket, I do!

7. How do you decide what comic book to buy? Writer, artist, character, word of mouth, etc?

Writer. There are only a few artists (Infantino, Simonson, Colan, Ditko, Sim, Eisner, Steranko, Kirby, Schulz, Gil Kane, Brunner, Wally Wood, Don Heck) whose work interests me so much that I feel compelled to read anything they illustrate–and a lot of those people write what they draw anyway…

8. Do you buy strictly current age comic books or do you buy older comic books? What kinds?

I’m mainly interested in the older stuff. But that’s just because I have a limited budget and I’m working on a dissertation about “mainstream” titles of the 60’s & 70’s. I certainly don’t have any bias against the stuff that’s coming out now…

9. How do you feel about graded comic books?

The only good thing about this phenomenon is that, without collectors, we wouldn’t have any of the old stuff left. That said, I prefer a nice musty “VG” pamphlet!

10. What comic book related merchandise do you buy?


11. What do you read if you are not reading comic books?

I’m reading Sartor Resartus right now. I read a lot of nineteenth century novels/poetry, pulp fiction, Paul Auster, Puritan theology, film/lit crit, historical monographs, and weblogs.

12. What do you buy at comic book conventions?

I’ve only been to one. It was back in 1990, and I bought a lot of Marvel back issues.

Back to Peter, Gwen, and MJ tomorrow!

Good Night Friends!



  1. David, if you don’t review the Benchley shorts in detail there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth down here, and possibly some rending of garments. So consider yourself warned.

    Rose, who has a Benchley obsession

  2. I’m very much looking forward to your thoughts on the Marx set. I have the old DVD set, and I keep going back and forth on whether to buy the new set in it’s entirety or just to buy A Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races on their own (I’m not familiar with the other films in the set at all). –Jeff

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