Come Graze With Me

(Soundtrack: The Beastie Boys– Ill Communication)

John Holbo makes a strong case for pop culture as the site of a new rusticity and a perfect campground for ironists–extraordinary stuff there, although I don’t believe that the Lee/Ditko/Gruenwald/Morrison tradition fits into this particular discussion (link via Dave Intermittent)

Alan David Doane is back at the helm of a new version of Comic Book Galaxy! This is very good news (and not merely because he’s posted great review of The Filth)–Larry Young is fond of saying that a strong Marvel is essential to the comics industry, and I think that a strong–and, hopefully, as controversial as ever!–ADD is equally important to the on-line comics community. (link via Johanna Draper Carlson)

Johnny Bacardi has been doing some very productive thinking lately about comics old, (newer) and new.

H at The Comic Treadmill has gone absolutely berserk, in the best possible way, with Batman Family #1-8–here and here.

Happy belated blogoversary to Sean Collins, indisputably a “cornerstone of the sphere”!

And, on a non-comics note, the YMDB is back up and running, and I urge all of you cineastes out there to sign up and take part in the fun–I did!

Exhausted now–I should have some actual content for ya tomorrow!

Good Night Friends!

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