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Jeff Chatlos and Dave Intermittent have got me thinking about “definitive runs” on comic book series, and now I can’t stop. Of course, I’m still more interested in the whole spectrum of interpretations than in any one of them in isolation, but where’s the harm in posting a list?

Submitted then, for your perusal, the first creative team (and one “definitive moment”) that came to my mind in connection with a whole cavalcade of titles:

Amazing Spider-Man: Gerry Conway/ Ross Andru, circa 1973-75 (a confused and angry Spider-Man swinging through Manhattan scanning the streets for a second glimpse of an impossibility–the Gwen Stacy clone)

Captain America: Mark Gruenwald/Kieron Dwyer, circa 1987-89 (as the Viper sinks her teeth into the Serpent Society–Diamondback calls Cap for help…)

Dr. Strange: Roy Thomas/Gene Colan, circa 1968-69 (Doc and Clea talk psychedelia with Tom Wolfe in Times Square on New Year’s Eve–right before a pteranodon smashes into the Allied Chemical Tower)

Avengers: Steve Englehart/Dave Cockrum, circa 1973 (“time becomes visible to the naked eye” in Giant-Size Avengers #2)

X-Men: Roy Thomas/Werner Roth, circa 1965-67 (at the Cafe-A-Go-Go, Bernard the Poet declares: “life is a yo-yo, and mankind keeps tying knots in the string”)

Daredevil: Stan Lee/Gene Colan, circa 1966-67
(Mike Murdock cuts loose!)

Flash: Cary Bates/Carmine Infantino, circa 1980-1985 (Cecile Horton emerges from the sensory deprivation tank)

SHIELD: Steranko natch! circa 1967-69 (the NYC blackout)

Fantastic Four: Doug Moench/Bill Sienkiewicz. circa 1981 (brain parasites man!)

Incredible Hulk: Peter David/Dale Keown, circa 1989-90 (Rick Jones vs. the Skrulls)

Thor: Walt Simonson, circa 1983-86 (death by french fry!)

Silver Surfer: Stan Lee/John Buscema, circa 1968 (vs. the Flying Dutchman)

Teen Titans: Bob Haney/Nick Cardy, circa 1966-69 (The TT’s Swingin’ Christmas Carol)

The Spectre: Michael Fleischer/Jim Aparo, circa 1973 (Jimbo takes a buzzsaw to a wooden thug)

The Shadow: Gerard Jones/Eduardo Barretto, circa 1989-91 (Harry Vincent investigates Margo Lane’s past)

Superman: Alan Moore/Curt Swan, 1985 (Krypto!)

The Legion: Paul Levitz/Keith Giffen, circa 1981-83 (Superboy taken to task by the Science Police for refusing to use “ordinary portals”)

JSA: Roy Thomas/Jerry Ordway, circa 1981-83 (“Green Lantern wins the war…”)

Green Lantern: John Broome/Gardner Fox/Gil Kane, sixties (the Lamplighter!)

Justice League: Steve Englehart/Dick Dillin, circa 1976 (vs. the Manhunters)

the Atom: Roger Stern/Graham Nowlan, circa 1989 (Humbug!)

Animal Man, Doom Patrol–Morrison, of course…

X-Factor: Peter David/Terry Shoemaker fill-in, 1990–(“Desperately Seeking Vera”) Mignola cover

Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Aquaman: none, really…

Good Day Friends!


  1. *urk* Wow, do we have divergent tastes….

    (I’d have gotten to this before but I moved this weekend & have been offline since Wed. night)

    Spider-Man: Lee-Ditko. Never been touched.

    Captain America: Lee-Kirby.

    Dr. Strange: With great respect for your tastes, sir, Roger Stern’s run (and the subsequent Peter Gillis’ run) make the Thomas/Colan run look like a small, mean, petty, insignificant thing.

    Avengers: Jim Shooter circa Korvac Saga, for me.

    X-Men: Thomas/Roth over Claremont/Byrne? Really?

    DD: Miller’s “Born Again” issues. Predictable, I know, but those stand up <>very<> well.

    Flash: Hasn’t yet been done, though Waid came close for about 24 issues.

    SHIELD: Dead on, pardner.

    FF: You’re joking, surely. Moench/Sienkiewicz over Lee/Kirby?

    Hulk: Yep.

    Thor: Yep.

    Spectre: Gotta go with the Ostrander run.

    Iron Man: not a fan of the Bob Layton issues?

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