Context Ahoy!

See, this is what I love: I get home from work (my shift is from 3 to 11 pm), snuggle up with Christine for a while, make oatmeal & coffee, and settle in to read what the rest of the world thinks of Seaguy #1… It only came out yesterday and we already have critical context!

Here’s what I found so far:

John Commonplacebook discerns a less quietistic Morrison in this deceptively bright prelude to an adventure. I really like his take on Xoo–reminds me of Ray Carney’s interpretation of Capra’s Meet John Doe (not to mention The Clash’s “Complete Control”, one of my favourites)–the anxiety of using mass communications to express a radical message…

John also has some interesting things to say about Demo #6, which I hope to obtain tomorrow…

Rose Curtin describes Seaguy’s world as “much more fun and palatable (and thus dangerous and interesting) than your average authoritarian dystopia.” I quite agree! What I like best about Morrison is his recognition that no episteme is ever anything like as air-tight as the Foucaultians would have us believe… There are hundreds of “da fug?” moments every day–it’s up to us to take note! (that poor horse…)

Laura Gjovaag found herself drawn in to Seaguy’s world–despite her initial reservations. All I can say Laura is that, if you like Seaguy, I think you would love Animal Man… Seaguy is, in many ways, Morrison’s look back at the pre-Crisis Buddy Baker (he even looks like Buddy): a good man with friendly instincts, but totally oblivious to most of the suffering that surrounds him, and incapable of looking the woman he loves in the eye.

Mike Sterling declares that: “This is probably as close as a long-time comic reader like me (or most of you, for that matter) will come to sharing the experience of someone who has never before read a comic book perusing an issue of, say JSA.”

It’s true, there’s enough material in the vicinity of that Anti-Dad two-page splash to sustain a dozen series for a decade!

I’m sure there’s more to come.

Good Night Friends!


One comment

  1. I’ve read maybe two issues of Animal Man, and I liked them. I think I need to go back-issue hunting one of these days…

    -Laura G

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