Stuck In the Middle With You

I really like Jeff Chatlos’ “Towards a definition of comics journalism”–check it out everyone.

Also, on the question of a “middle-ground”–Neilalien speaks! I share Neil’s reservations about how much of a difference Dirk’s appointment to the managing editorship of TCJ will make. I really enjoyed Dirk’s writing, but he never came across to me as particularly open-minded. “Covering” superhero stories only in order to re-establish that this is a “limited” genre with nothing to say to the post-pubescent doesn’t cut it.

As I noted in Jeff’s comments, I think that both Wizard and TCJ (and comics writing in general) are much too focused upon the creators. Popularity polls and “cred checks” are fine, but a true “middleground” will be centered upon the texts and their exegetes! Very few comics “experts” seem willing to dirty their minds with close-reading. This can only be the result of a massive inferiority complex, from TCJ on down. It’s almost as if these people are afraid to kill the goose by forcing it to lay some rotten eggs. Nonsense! Any story worth reading is worth analyzing. Must we spend all of our time puffing up the credentials of the artists? (or the characters?) We’ve had thirty years of foreplay and I say: “Enough”! Time for the main course! The story!

Just as an aside–I think that the best comics discussions outside of the blogosphere are taking place at Barbelith.

Good Day Friends!


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  1. I agree, both about Barbelith and about the fixation on the authors. I’ve noticed that I’ve fallen into this trap myself, but I mostly try to block that out. It’s the stories that matters, execution comes close second and who’s responsible for words and art comes last.

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