Serpent in My Bosom

Listen, if Robert Kirkman is planning to push off from this:

I’ll be there! (Which doesn’t guarantee that I’ll enjoy the ride…)

I know I haven’t written much on Gruenwald’s Serpent Society, but they were the first villains that I ever took seriously as characters in their own right. They interacted with Cap (and each other) in extremely complex ways. (of course, Diamondback was the key figure there…)

It’s about time this landmark series started generating ripples. At least, it’s a landmark in my mind. Canons aren’t formed, they just form. Art is kinetic. The only measure of “greatness” is the amount of energy a work imparts to those who come into contact with it. I’m hoping to deal with Gruenwald’s entire run in something like a systematic fashion over the course of the summer–and, with any luck, Kirkman’s arc will provide material I can feed off of…

We’ll know soon enough.

Good Night Friends!



  1. “In our current sociopolitical climate, we decide first who is on the correct side and then determine morality based on their actions. In other words, if Smith is right and Jones is wrong, then actions Smith does are obviously good and actions Jones does — even if they’re the same actions — are obviously bad.” That’s one of those lines I really wish I’d written, and I’m envious of Legomancer. It sums up the problem perfectly. — Bruce

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