In Which I Do My Ninth Art Impression

I’m beginning to understand why people are so annoyed by “fanboys”.

I just went over the Newsarama Grant Morrison interview (link via Graeme McMillan), which is very enjoyable, and look what I found in the comments-thread attached to the piece (courtesy of “Jigsaw”, a fellow Montrealer, it seems):

I am very much looking forward to this, already on the pull list. But what the hell is DC thinking?

They steal Grant Morrison, sign him up and them a three issue series on Vertigo? C’mon guys, put him back on JLA, put him on Superman, on Batman, on ANYTHING that needs a spin or a boost. Green Lantern, A bat book.

I love Vertigo, but that stuff just doesn’t sell. I love Morrison too, in a guy way, and I just think he should be on a higher profile book.

Now. I ask you. Why’s everyone so concerned about money? And “high profiles”? As far as I can see, no one but a fool would go into comics for prestige. And Grant Morrison is no fool.

Nor is he a slave to the “in order to prove my viability as a creator, I must piss on the origins of all of my characters!” mentality. Sure, I’d love to read Morrison’s Green Lantern (or, if he went back to Marvel, Dr. Strange!)–after all, I think he has proven that he can do interesting things with established characters (I haven’t read New X-Men or JLA, but I will shortly!)… And when the guy chooses to create something from scratch, I take it for granted that there are good reasons for this. Reasons that serve the creation, not the creator. And, of course, the reader!

My advice Jigsaw? Ask not how Grant can serve DC. Ask how DC can serve Grant. It’s true they can do it be letting him into the metatextual corporate playground. But they can do it equally well by publishing work that runs parallel to it!

2004–year of the Talking Animal!!

Good Day Friends!




  1. And if one thinks about what Jigsaw wrote logically, Vertigo is the thing that could need the spin as it “doesn’t sell.”

    How can comics evolve and tell new stories if everyone is forced to use the pre-created characters? It doesn’t make much sense to me. And you’re quite right about the money. It’s the wrong business to be in if one is only after lots of money.

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