Spring Comes Slowly Up This Way…And When It Does Show Up, It Lasts For About 2 Weeks–Then It’s 40 with the Humidex

(Soundtrack: Magnapop —Rubbing Doesn’t Help)

So I’ve been enjoying the pleasant weather, and dealing with bureaucrats–but I’ve been keeping up with my reading. Let me tell you about some of it, while Christine’s in the shower.

I love this Bruce Baugh introduction to the Legion of Super-Heroes. I pretty much concur with everything Bruce has to say here, especially re: Keith Giffen, who has done some wonderful things, but ought never to be left alone with a gag or a gross-out. The Legion is probably the best example of a comic book series that has approached “modern mythology” status… Certainly, Legion fans have never been known for their ironic awareness of the textuality of the characters they love–and, as Bruce points out, you only increase that kind of fanaticism by attacking it head-on… (and you know, this echoes the Gutterninja’s take on anti-superoheroism–which is convenient, because I really wanted to draw your attention to Steve Pheley’s new blog…)

One of the most interesting things about the Legion, from my reader-response obsessed point of view, was the yearly fan-based election for team leader, which was then translated into dramatic form by the creative team, with votes apportioned representatively amongst the team members…

Okay. Maybe that’s all for now.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my reactions to The Complete Peanuts, Volume One. All I’ll say for now is that I’ve read it from cover to cover and I loved it! (except for the Garrison Keillor intro., which was, well, Keilloresque…)

The Expos continue to go from Vlad to worse, and I’m going for a walk now!

Have A Good Weekend Friends!



  1. I agree with almost everything you say (98%) but am conflicted as to your aparent dislike of 1984. While a good read it most certainly is not in the league of his previous work Animal Farm. I hold true to Animal Farm as a skilled mind telling the reader, in the simplest terms, how countries and humans evolve into something indentical to what they hate. When read close enough, a person can see America as Animal Farm. Not ten years ago… but today. With leaders such as Bush the Manor Farm will most certainly return. Besides, even Rome fell. It’s just a matter of time. And 1984 did have interesting things that seem to be alive and well today. The way they altered the dictionaries, and history, and minds. I could go on all day but I won’t. Just a question…

  2. Drat, I should have said something about the Legion elections. Well, I’ll have a chance in my review of The Legion. — Bruce

  3. Looking forward to it Bruce! (Are they still doing those elections?) I’m fascinated by the LSH (both for what it is in itself, and for how it contrasts so dramatically with the Silver Age Marvels) and I’m planning to read the whole damn thing–starting from Adventure#247–during my stay in Michigan.


  4. Yeah, they did an election in the middle of The Legion’s second year. I’ll have to check the letter pages and stuff to see if there was actual reader voting on it; I didn’t think to first time around. It certainly had the classic vibe of explaining things so as to set up for good story hooks. — Bruce

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