Do People Know About This?

We’ve got a few copies on order at the store, so I’ll definitely get a chance to read it when it arrives–whether I have money at the time or not! My worry is that, like the Spurphael book before it, there will be way too much “behind the scenes” material, and a sad lack of focus upon the comics themselves, or even the influences upon the creators from outside of the comic book world… We’ll see! I’ll tell ya: I wouldn’t be concerned at all if J.W. Hastings had written the book. He seems to be one of the few Kirbyites who prefers to discuss the man’s vision than his martyrdom. (check out that astonishing blogroll!)

Enjoy yourselves out there friends


One comment

  1. Dave, 
    Thanks for the compliment.  My fear is that this book will turn out to be cultural studies garbage,  Oh well. 

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