On the Shoulders of Giants–that’s YOU Blogosphere!

Whenever I don’t sleep for a few days in a row, I get really red for some reason. Can anyone explain that?

Anyway, I’ve handed in my paper, I’m proud of it, and I guess now I really am a Master of Literature…there have been false alarms before, but this time I have actually been charged a graduation fee, so you know it’s official! Unless my professor finds what I’ve done with Archibald Lampman an incomprehensible mess, of course… Lampman himself was an incomprehensible mess. He turned down a job at Cornell University in order to continue working alongside his paramour at an Ottawa Post Office–then he wasted away and died… Along the way he wrote a lot of poetry about grain and thwarted love. I’m a sucker for angst and I’ll be damned if I didn’t love a few of those tormented efforts at self-reification. I’m going to call him a “reverse-impressionist” until Monet’s grandkids or Prof. Zoom force me to stop.

Here’s what I’ve been reading, whenever I have looked away from the poetry:

Marc Singer wants to toss a monkey-wrench into a big Brazilian comics conference, and he needs YOUR help… All you need is a memorably bad experience with a comic book and you can play!

H continues his look at the 70’s All-Star run at the Comic Treadmill + we discussed Dollar Superman Family Comics and Krypto in the threads!

Rose Curtin discusses the film version of Hellboy and wonders why we can’t have less fighting in superhero movies. Why? Because that would make ME too happy, that’s why… As I noted in the Peiratikos comments thread: I often skip superhero fight scenes in the comics, but you have to sit through ’em at the movies…

On a similar note–Nik Dirga isn’t expecting anything good to come of this new Punisher movie. His argument is, basically: how is this guy any different from Chuck Bronson’s seventies n’ eighties urban fascists? Or Lee Van Cleef’s? Actually, I would sell blood for money to see Lee Van Cleef play Frank Castle, but I guess we’re past that. Personally, I never liked the Punisher. He’s Batman with a gun and no Ace the Bathound in his pre-history, and that’s not for me. I did find him interesting as a supporting character in Spider-Man, but I doubt he’ll be going after jay-walkers in this one, will he? (just to be fair, I want to point out that Ken Lowery is really psyched to see this movie, and who knows–maybe he’ll love it enough to convince us all to go see it!) Also, Ken discusses what’s wrong with the what’s wrong with comic books debate in entertaining fashion.

Last, but certainly not least, Larry Young popped up in my hotmail box and asked if I would like some interesting new comics for free! Of course I said yes! I’m looking forward to this. New comics! You don’t realize how big a deal that is for me. Or maybe you do. It’s pretty obvious that I’m ridiculously out of the comic book loop.

There are cats all over me and I’m exhausted.

Time to collapse into a pile of Doom Patrols!

Good Night Friends!



  1. I still say that transporting Clint Walker from the late ’60s to play Frank Castle is about the only thing to get me really excited about a Punisher movie.

    – Rick

  2. “His argument is, basically: how is this guy any different from Chuck Bronson’s seventies n’ eighties urban fascists? Or Lee Van Cleef’s?”

    An interesting comment, given that Thomas Jane has stated that that is EXACTLY the kind of tone he was going for with Castle. I don’t understand how this necessarily makes it a bad thing.

    But you’re right — I’d pay cash money to see Lee Van Cleef order pizza.

  3. Sorry, that was me (Ken) below, there. Just a minor thing: your link to the discussion about what’s wrong with comic book discussions links to my Punisher thing again. Just FYI. Thanks for the coverage.

  4. David:

    There’s nothing like the DP run of issues #102-106. An amazing array of characters and stories. A little hope, with the wedding of Rita and Steve. Some of Bob Brown’s best covers, ever. Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani at their finest.

    George Guay

  5. Bruce,


    On the Punisher,

    You’re right Ken, I’m the last person to claim that genre will limit this movie… However–and I’m almost certainly in the minority here–the thing I always liked about the Punisher was that, here’s the Deathwish guy pursuing his crazy scheme in the middle of Marvel Universe! What I always wanted to see was the Punisher exacting vengeance against some cosmic threat–forget Bin Laden, send Frank after Galactus! “You tried to kill my planet motherfucker!”

    I liked him better as a foil for Spider-Man…his uniqueness derived from his position in that world, rather than from anything essential about him or his motivations. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a good film in the Don Siegel manner–will it be good?

    And Rick–you’re right, Clint Walker sure looks like Frank, but he’s no Lee Van Cleef–aka the World’s Most Disturbing Smirk…

    (also, I’m gonna corrrect that link Ken! thanks for letting me know)

    And George,

    I’ve never read any of the S.A. DP’s, but they may be the first things I pick up as soon as I get to Michigan, they sound great! Yolu know, like Mike Sterling, I’m even considering taking a look at what JB does with the team…


  6. Congrats, Dave! I may be joining you in the academiasphere, now that it’s been established that my wife can afford to support both of us when she finishes her second degree.

    -Ed Cunard

  7. Thanks Jess & Ed!

    And Ed–believe me, the academisphere wants you!

    University can be a wonderful place as long as we remember that it’s all in fun!


  8. About the Punisher: frankly, kiddies, waaaay back in ’75 when he was introduced, that’s what he was intended to be- an urban vigilante-Death Wish type. As inspired by the Bronson or Van Cleef flicks like Iron Fist was inspired Bruce Lee movies of the 70s. Without those films, I doubt that Punny would exist today, or at least not in this form.

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