News From Nowhere

Well, if you’ve ever wondered what all of this obsessive musing upon the deeper implications of superhero comics can do to your mind–wonder no longer! It seems that the (negative) spirit of my own self-doubt has incarnated itself over at Mxyzptlk! Many radicals throughout history have crumbled and embraced a prefab cosmology. 19th century Romantics often succumbed to the siren song of the Catholic Church. Sadly, I can’t even look forward to that dubious pleasure. When the time comes for me to leave off questing for something like an authentic relationship to the Universe, it seems that I am destined to run off and join The Family Circus

Poisson D’Avril!


One comment

  1. Oh come now. You know perfectly well you’d at least end up in Nichiren Daisho, or possibly Mormonism. — Bruce

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