Movie Movie

Okay so I’m starting to locate some film blogs!

You got yer Masked Movie Snobs (these guys even have a philosophy!); you got Howard Owens (who appreciates the magnificence of In A Lonely Place and thus has instantly earned my respect); then there’s John Lars Ericson (whose nominees for Greatest Films of all-time are basically the antithesis of mine–he’s a Kubrickian & clearly not a fan of screwball–but hey, that’s cool…); and that’s just the beginning!

On a related note: Aaron Haspel breaks out master-Blaster Wyndham-Lewis in support of Terry Teachout’s assault on the sham that is Charlie Chaplin’s reputation! Teachout also gets in some good jabs at James Agee’s overrated film criticism! All I can say is: “me three!” Seriously, there’s nothing behind Agee’s anti-bourgeois sneer…he’s completely lost: those aren’t reviews, they’re cries for help out of the bottom of a solipsistic well! Oddly enough, this same quality is what makes Let Us Now Praise Famous Men so damned fascinating!

And I’ve joined Blogcritics.org! I kicked things off with modified versions of my posts on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and It’s A Wonderful Life

Back to comics tomorrow!

Good night friends!


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