Don’t mind me…

Archibald Lampman has a full-nelson on my brain right now; however, should you be less preoccupied, here are some good places to visit:

Johnny Bacardi thinks we’ve all been way too hard on Byrne & Claremont for the very human sin of getting old and running out of ideas–and I quite agree…

Good review of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (he seems to love it as much as I do, and that’s saying something!) at El Bicho’s Hive, a movie blog which I’ll add to my roll as soon as I post this!

H at The Comic Treadmill is now plowing through the seventies All-Star Comics run–praising the Giffen/Wood art and taking some (well-earned) jabs at Gerry Conway’s inability to plot a team book along the way… H also admits to deriving olfactory gratification from old comic books–as a fellow old-newsprint fetishist, I’m happy to hear someone speak the name of this forbidden love… let’s hope it does some good!

Also–let’s all hope that the good people at Peiratikos haven’t been driven from the blogosphere by the unjustified invective that was spewed in their direction last week…

Finally–Steven (“go ahead and call me Steve–I might even prefer it…”) Wintle is sick, and that’s not right… Get better man!

Good afternoon friends!




  1. Worry not, Dave, last week’s minor skirmish was unfortunate and annoying but not enough to drive me away! Rose and I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this weekend and found it a lovely movie, so I’ve been reading your thoughts on it and will no doubt blog my own soon.


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