Slammed Against the Boards

Out of a protracted “phony war” on the CJ site, during the course of which many unneccesarily harsh/megalomaniacal words were spoken (a few of them not even by me!), comes the statement that I wish I had made in the first place, re: TCJ #258:

Of course we all make judgements and we’re entitled to them–but my point is, why print an article that comes merely to judge/patronize? You [Ken] wouldn’t waste your time writing such a piece, and neither would I! So why does TCJ bother putting them out there?

(I’ll even admit, grudgingly, the validity of publishing an evaluative piece, like Tim O’Neil’s review of The Filth, that has topical significance…but what’s the point of giving a guy like R. Fiore a bunch of pages in a “Ditko-critical edition” in which to ramble on about a genre he has already likened to farts? does it make sense? we’re a long way from W.W. Norton and Company here!)

As I’ve stated previously, on the subject of TCJ coverage of superheroes–I’d like to see done it seriously, or not at all (and here Domingos and I can agree, in a way)…

Is that so much to ask?


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