A coupla swell links

In an established genre like the superhero comic, you can make wonderfully subtle (or gloriously inane) points through strategic deviation from convention; and the same goes for a blog as steeped in tradition as Neilalien’s!! You may be sure that when the palindrome abandons his link’em and leave’em format in favour of more expansive posts, there’s always a good reason!

Neil’s overview of TCJ #258 is no exception to this rule-of-exceptions! It’s essential reading, and the blogosphere would do well to take note of the man’s opinions re: art-comix “cliquishness” (there’s a tone here that reminds me of academic creative writing workshops…and believe me, these are not good memories!), and re: the new “Stan Lee thesis” (I know the “Spurphael” book has many fans, but I’m just sayin’: the Bullpen Bulletins and the Silver Age lettercols weren’t just smart editorial policies in support of Ditko and Kirby’s respective visions, or self-promotion on Stan’s part–they’re crucial pop art texts, and there doesn’t seem to be nearly enough recognition of this fact! Sadly, today’s readers usually encounter the early Spider-Man, Strange Tales and FF in embalmed “Masterworks” or “Essentials” form, and Stan’s rep will undoubtedly continue to decline…)

Also–Big Sunny D has split in two, and you can now find the comics-related aspect of his persona at Insult to Injury, where he has joined forces with comrades Scott McAllister and Graeme Lyon–they’ve already posted some fine things on Morrison’s upcoming Seaguy project and Mignola’s Hellboy–so go enjoy!

Good night friends!

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