I’m still immersed in Watchmen, along with the Canadian nature poems, T.S. Eliot, and Reinhold Niebuhr, but I’m making progress (I could dive right into Dr. Manhattan’s Proustian experience on Mars, but I’ll hold off–and that reminds me, I’m still planning to take you all on a guided tour of Montreal’s very own bargain basement red planet!) I also want to direct people to Bruce Baugh’s post inspired by the Silver Age Marvel Cover Index. I think he raises some very interesting points about the genesis of the Marvel Universe– the idea that these stories (and not just the Dr. Strange stuff) channel that late-fifties Kirby/Ditko monster energy makes a good deal of sense to me, and helps to explain why they feel so different from the contemporaneous “lab-tested” streamlined superhero revival at DC…it also supports my contention that the early Marvels draw sustenance from the American Romance tradition as exemplified by Hawthorne! But more on this soon!

Right now though, I’m feeling an urge to add to the blogosphere’s collection of high school soundtracks (I graduated in 1991. We graduate at 17 in Quebec, and then we move on to–or, as in my case, drop out of–“CEGEP”, which is an accronym for “waste of fuckin’ time”). Like those who have come before me–Sean Collins started it–I’ll list only one album per artist:

1. Public Enemy–Fear of A Black Planet
2. Beastie Boys–Paul’s Boutique
3. Cypress Hill–Self-titled
4. Third Bass–Cactus Album
5. De La Soul–Three Feet High and Rising
6. LL Cool J–Mama Said Knock You Out
7. Run DMC–Tougher Than Leather
8. NWA–Straight Outta Compton
9. The Cult–Sonic Temple
10. G N’R–Appetite For Destruction
11. Concrete Blonde–Bloodletting
12. Pat Benatar–Best Shots (my first Columbia house scam!)
13. Ramones–Loco Live (you couldn’t get the original albums on tape back then)
14. The Clash–Combat Rock (I was a fool not to be more interested in the earlier stuff!)
15. Joan Jett–Glorious Results of A Misspent Youth
16. Nat King Cole–Christmas Album
17. Bing Crosby–Merry Christmas
18. Ella Fitzgerald–Jerome Kern Songbook
19. Dance Hall Days–a wonderful Jerome Kern compilation, featuring the Pied Pipers!
20. Fred Astaire–A Fine Romance
21. Fleetwood Mac–Rumors (I didn’t know how great Tusk was back then)
22. U2–War
23. Buddy Holly–The Buddy Holly Collection
24. The Bangles–Everything
25. Michael Penn–March
26. Pogues–If I Should Fall From Grace With God
27. INXS–Kick
28. ELO–Greatest Hits (God bless Columbia House! they always had plenty of cheezy compilations on hand)
29. Harry Connick Jr.–When Harry Met Sally soundtrack
30. and last, but certainly not least, Boston–self-titled!

ah, there’s a lot of stupid stuff on there–but I love it all! “Nevermind” came out in the fall after I graduated, and my tastes began to shift punkward in a big way… I’m just a child o’ my time I guess!

Good night friends


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  1. I always love record lists. I’m not entirely sure what this one represents though. I must have missed an earlier one of yours I guess.

    Cuz, I don’t think Nat King Cole, Boston and The Clash have ever been named in the same list, much less the same breath before.


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