Well, I got some birthday money recently, and thanks to Eve Tushnet, Jim Henley, Todd Murry, John Jakala, and Steven Berg I found myself compelled to use most of it to buy the Watchmen TPB. I’ve read the first two issues, and I should be ready to write something in-depth over the weekend, so please stay tuned!

I will say that I’m more convinced than ever that Moore’s Freudian/fascist/power critique still seems unbelievably shallow when compared to Morrison’s epistemological/narratological/existentialist inquiry on Animal Man and that the super-hero genre would be in much better shape today if comics creators in the nineties had attempted to define themselves by going up against the latter instead of the former–but what can I do? There’s no point in trying to rewrite history, and there’s no denying Watchmen its’ status as an epoch-making work. And, of course, on its’ own terms, the book is brilliant–and aware of what it omits in a way that the work of Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, Mark Waid, etc. just isn’t… But I’m anticipating dreadfully here, and I think I’d better stop–I’ve got ten issues left to read, after all…

good night friends!


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