Is it just me or is Jack Kirby:

a vorticist?

Let me know if you think I’m totally off base… Perhaps I’ve just had vortices on the brain… As I’m sure you gathered from reading the proposal I posted yesterday (I hate proposals!), this essay I’m hatching re: the Gwen Stacy Clone Saga & serial stasis is spiralling out of control–but hopefully in a really good way!

Damn… My cable died (froze?) for quite a while and now I’m ready for bed–so I’ll postpone my portrait of Mars Comics/records/XXX, inspired by H’s recent unpleasant family experience at his neighborhood retailer/den of sophomoric idiocy and Steven Wintle’s Montreal “captivity narrative” (and he’s not kidding about the cold folks! Nights like this make you feel the distance between our planet and the sun in a way that no textbook ever could…) Anyway–I’m going to Mars (no charge American taxpayers! this one’s on me!) on my work-break tomorrow, and they’re bound to act crazy, which will suit me just fine, and put me right in the mood for a timely report from space!

Good night friends


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