A Very Brief X-cursion Into the Uncanny

1. Steven, at Peiratikos, has sent out a plea for X-Men assistance! I’m a little too busy to heed the call right now. However, perhaps later in the week, I’ll cut loose with a big Silver Age X-Men post. But Steven–you might find a good deal of what you need at Forager23–An Extremely Lengthy Post About the X-Men!! He’ll also direct you to some of Eve Tushnet’s fine work. As you probably know, these are two of the most interesting bloggers we’ve got Steven, and they offer characteristic (and characteristically cogent) insights… I have substantial disagreements with each of them on this topic, but until I explain why— you can just ignore me! (Pay no attention to the man behind the stack of library books…)

Just as an aside–where the hell is Forager? His site (one of my favourite places to visit on the web) has been invaded by blasphemous comment-spam! Hopefully, he’s just busy working on that Ditko piece!

2. Also–The Amazing Neilalien links to a fascinating round-up of songs containing references to comic book characters: Trapped in a Lyric they Never Made! It’s a great site, created by Ken Gale–but he forgot a really important one! (unless I missed it!)–Weezer’s “In the Garage” (an ode to “geek pride” which ties in quite nicely with the Peiratikos thesis, actually), where Rivers had (posters of? psychotic conversations with?) “Kitty Pryde, and Nightcrawler too”…

Good night friends



  1. Thanks for the links–I’ve read Eve Tushnet’s post, but I don’t think I’ve read Forager23’s, so that should be interesting.

  2. Comment spam sucks. But Forager23 hasn’t been posting much, so maybe he hasn’t noticed.

    Lately I’ve noticed more comment spams for which no IP address can be resolved and banned. Do you know anything about this trend?

  3. Alan,

    I don’t know whose bright idea that stuff is, or when it started, but I’ll tell ya, they’d better not start peddling that filth over here.

    I don’t understand Spam in general–I mean, TV/Radio commercials are annoying, but at least they’re paying to help defray the costs of the program you–theoretically–enjoy. Also–whatever else they may be guilty of, they don’t try to fool you into thinking that they’re something else! There’s nothing worse than getting an e-mail with a subject heading like “what you said yesterday”, clicking on it (thinking it might be a response to something on the blog) and falling into the porn/viagara/Paris Hilton void…

    I’ll say it right now–even if I ever do find myself needing Viagra, I’d rather give up sex than give any money to those slippery bastards!

    Hands up anyone who has ever acted upon the suggestion of a spam ad! go ahead and use a fake name if necessary) I really want to know if this actually works!


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