A few things for Ya

1.My thanks go out to Johnny Bacardi–absolutely the finest person I’ve never met–for sending me a video ofBodyguard(1948), Priscilla Lane’s last movie, and Robert Altman’s first(credited)!

Sadly, circumstances conspired against my plan to watch the film tonight–but tomorrow’s lookin’ good!

2. I’ve posted a new item over at Pleasemo. The essay is called “The Ambiguity of Ambiguity”–it’s my attempt to rescue Eminent Victorians from its’ own snarkiness. Suffice it to say: the book is not, as is commonly supposed, “the work of a great anarch”, bent on repudiating every aspect of the nineteenth-century. And thank God–’cause that would’ve been stupid! (and if you do want to read some stupidity of that sort, try reading Percy Wyndham Lewis…) In my reading, Lytton Strachey (and the Bloomsbury group in general) wrote very much in the liberal reformist tradition of Dickens–he just didn’t, as a card-carrying “Modernist”, want to advertize the fact!

3.Bruce Baugh has a fascinating post up about Dungeons, Dragons, and the neglected third D–that’s right: Derrida! Now, I was never big on role playing games, but I did play them, back in the eighties, when I couldn’t convince my friends to play board games, and I think Bruce’s article is dead-on. Apparently, Gary Gygax’s little game is almost as postmodern as Family Feud… Anyway, D&D was always too bloodthirsty, and–even worse–“questy” for me, but I did enjoy Paranoia! Any chance you’ll be blogging on that one Bruce?

4.I’m still loving Infinity Inc. and am well past the Crisis issues #18-24… You’ve gotta hand it to Roy Thomas–he immediately pounced upon the opportunity to play “return of the repressed” tricks with DC’s rejected history (Fury’s pet Kanga–which comes from Paradise Island–survives, despite the fact that Fury no longer has any connection with the consolidated Earth-DC Wonder Woman… everyone’s sad about things that they can’t remember, etc.) Grant Morrison (in Animal Man) and Alan Brennert (in the Deadman story in Christmas With The Super-Heroes #2) later followed suit…

5.I don’t understand why everyone’s so concerned about the release-date of Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist #1–it’s gonna be awful…just more of the same super-hero “liberation fantasy” stuff that drove me insane in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay… Again–this:

is why people like Dirk Deppey think the genre is strictly for kids–and Foucaultians…

Good night friends!


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