Season’s Greetings!!!

From a Very Delinquent Yule-Blogger

As you have doubtless observed, I lost control of my Christmas blogging project quite a while ago, but that’s okay, because, at this time of the year, we shut out nothing, and other stuff came up!

It all happens too soon, and, as you know, I hate endings (December 24th is my favourite day of the year–the 25th may be the day I like the least!)–but you can count on me to do my part to keep the goodwill rolling into the New Year (expect my thoughts on It’s A Wonderful Life at the stroke of January, a big post on A Christmas Carol to ring in the spring, etc.) In the meantime, you might want to check out my list of Christmas Stuff That Should Never Be Put Away (particularly Remember the Night, which not enough folks have seen…)

Oh yeah, and if you share my feelings of admiration for Capra’s masterpiece, drop by The Mediadrome and explain to Helen Stringer that she’s “off her nut”. It’s A Wonderful Life saccharine? It’s a life-affirming film noir! You can’t get any less saccharine than that! (I do applaud her pick of The Thin Man though…)

Christine wishes you, Dashiell wishes you, Simpson wishes you, the Husk is drooling, but I think he wishes you, and I wish you an enchanted holiday season, my friends!



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