Non-Yule Blogging, an Interlude

Just because everyone else is doing it, I thought I would post my favourite super-hero cover of the post-Watchmen period (was it Moore’s series that killed the super-hero ADD? How ’bout you perform a little autopsy for the clueless?). Anyway, here it is (I’ve written about it before–here):

Of course, this Brian Bolland masterpiece takes it for granted that it’s still possible for the genre to engage the most pressing moral issues of our time, and to convey a sense of the powerlessness of even the most powerful individuals to impose their wills upon a little thing we call reality… What a fool right? What we need are more “subtle, post-iconic treatment[s], [which] capture the lost innocence of the Silver Age with grace and an appealing sentimentality” in our lives… Next we’ll be hearing that super-hero comics are only suitable for children, and are best left unanalyzed! Oh, wait, we hear that every day from certain quarters…

Back to my sickbed!



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