Soundtrack: The Beastie Boys — Root Down EP

Happy Thanksgiving America!!!

In Quebec we call it “Action-de-Grace”, and it takes place a month and a half earlier, and–oh yeah–it’s completely lame… I suppose that, as a student of the Puritans, I am more drawn to their great feast day than most Canadians, but I don’t see how any objective observer could deny that the October holiday is a pale imitation…

Christine and I saw a sneak preview of Mona Lisa Smile tonight… I’ll go see anything if it’s free! However– despite the terrible title, and the terrible genre (the “inspirational professor”), I liked it quite a bit. No sign of Robin Williams, no inspirational speeches, no suicides– just a lot of personable characters with different opinions colliding in a rather closed environment, which makes for good drama… The film actually does a decent job of critiquing the whole “maverick mentor vs. the establishment” thing–although, of course, the ending failed to please me…

To Eve: Yes, the terminology is tiresome, but I think narratology itself is quite a valuable critical tool! I recommend Gérard Genette’s Discours du Recit, which actually offers something other than silliness to the reader–a cardinal sin for French theorists!!!

Good night friends!

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