Short of Time tonight–so I’ll just plug another site!

If you have any interest at all in studio age movies (paging Johnny Bacardi!), you must check out Michael’s Movie Palace. I think I’ve spent about 5 hours there, over the past few days, and I’m not anywhere near done with the material he’s posted (I mean, I’ve been taping these things off of PBS since the mid-eighties, and I’ve accumulated about 900 of ’em, but Michael’s tossing off reviews of stuff like Yes, My Darling Daughter and Dieterle’s seldom-seen but influential Fog Over Frisco, like it’s no big deal–and maybe it isn’t, if you get TCM! About which I will say–quoting Nancy Coleman in Kings Row (merely the greatest pure melodrama ever made)–“I wish it was me! I wish it was ME!”) Also–Michael’s list of favourite X-Mas movies is worth a look!

Good night friends

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