Another Day of HTML Tinkering–i think it’s getting better

Tomrrow, things are gonna get back to normal around here. I’ll finally launch my series on the three-headed telos of the Silver Age. Upon further consideration, it seems to me I ought to begin with Power of the Atom and work toward Animal Man–so that’s how I’ll play it… It will not be systematic. I will not be using any critical jargon. But I will be making an impassioned argument, which I myself only half understand at this moment. Hopefully, some interesting (and half-way coherent) things will come out of this. You’ll never know unless you join me on the quest. And I hope you will!

Good night friends



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  1. Looking forward to your views on POWER OF THE ATOM, one of the universally overlooked and undeservingly obscure DC reboots, and perhaps the only one… well, okay, I liked Mike Baron’s FLASH, too… that was actually worth reading.

    Stern did fine work on POTA, not only revitalizing Ray Palmer to make him more three dimensional without making him into an utter asshole, but with guest stars and various careful plot choices, subtly setting out what could have been a very coherent, consistent, and workable blueprint for the post Crisis DCU. Alas, as nearly always happens when he’s not also an editor, Stern was pretty much ignored on POTA, while many of the changes he put into effect on the far more dreadful post Crisis SUPERMAN continuity had much greater impact.

    Beyond’s Stern’s hidden beneath a bushel star turn (you may want to talk about his STARMAN, too, which was being published simultaneous with POTA), this strip also brought Tom Peyer into comics writing, with some of the most effective rookie scripting I’ve ever seen.

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