Soundtrack: Public Enemy—“Revolverlution”


Still hard at work, but it’s nearly done. And my cold is much better. Just checking in tonight to thank Sean Collins for his kind words about the novel, and Eve Tushnet for adding me to her links! Her legend is writ large in the blogs I’ve been visiting, and it’s about time I began to acquaint myself with her thoughts first-hand. There’ll be more opportunity for this tomorrow, but Eve, just to set the record straight—I, too find Calvinism “wildly awful and distressin’”, although I must admit to sharing its’ Stoic worldview, to some extent…


In other news, Forager promises to write in depth about Mark Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme maxi-series—let’s all hold him to it people!!!


Finally: since I’ll be less swamped for the rest of the fall, now that the hard work of crafting a flexible dissertation proposal is nearly done, I intend to start going through an old comic a night (in lieu of playing hearts on Yahoo, which is a much bigger waste of time, believe me), and writing a little something about said issue each time. I’ll be choosing ‘em more or less at random, so stay tuned! And I shan’t be restricting myself to Marvel for this—I don’t want any of you thinking I’m some kinda zombie… (Credit-where-credit-is-due-department: this decision was at least partly inspired by Johnny Bacardi’s look back at Teen Titans #17:



(I’m going to make an effort to learn some HTML soon–those huge link-blots are pretty ugly, hunh?)

Brief aside to Ingrid: Have you checked out the Faubourg lately? They’ve got some kind of giant two-floor Hallowe’en market goin’ on there. The children of Skulleton await you!


Must finish proposal!


Good night friends




  1. Dave,

    Here’s the html code for a link chosen at random from my blog’s index page shell:

    < HREF="http://www.angelfire.com/blog/abehm/041803.html">Friday 4/18/03<>

    Or, to make it more visible:

    _<_a_ HREF_=_"http://www.angelfire.com/blog/abehm/041803.html"_>_Friday_ 4/18/03_<_ /A_>_

    Take out the underscores. The key is the initial arrow code, found on your keyboard over the comma and the period. Hit ‘left arrow’ [< ], then A, then a space, then HREF, followed immediately by =, followed by your URL inside quotes, as "http:/www.angelfire.com/blog/abehm", followed immediately by right arrow [>] followed by a space, followed by whatever you want to actually appear in the place of the link, as in “A Brown Eyed Handsome Man”, followed by left arrow [< ], then front slash [/], then A, then right arrow [>], to close the HTML command you opened with the first left arrow, A HREF= .

    If this is unclear, send me an email and I’ll go over it with you, or just send you my sample blog shell page, where you can see all the raw HTML code, which is how I learned.

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