Soundtrack: Fleetwood Mac–“Tusk”

I know what you’re thinking, but before you knock the Mac, with images of Stevie’s recent earth-mother warblings clouding your mind, go out to your local music store and buy this 1979 clasic (it’s the one with the dog biting the shoe on the cover) The Lindsay Buckingham songs–“The Ledge”, “That’s Enough For Me”, “I Know I’m Not Wrong”, “Not That Funny”, “Walk a Thin Line”(Christine’s favourite), etc.–have got to be the strangest pop songs ever recorded. They are certainly part of the discussion, at any rate…

A very good day today–fun shift at work, where we had a book launch for another sappy memoir, and a customer with the largest nose in creation… When my co-worker, Piero, saw him leave, he hit his head and declared that if his nose ever got that big, he would kill himself! I replied that he’d better get used to the idea of getting old, because it’s gona happen to us all, if we’re lucky. Piero said he doesn’t mind some parts of his body losing their snap, but will never stand for that nose thing. I think you just learn to live with that kind of thing… It was one helluva honker though… I attributed the whole thing to gout, which is always a fun topic for discussion. Didn’t think about the Expos at all. As the lonely middle-aged francophone man sitting behind me at a particularly saddening game in 1990 said (to himself): “Fuck you beisbol!!!“.  Exactly. Came home to discuss Joan Crawford movies (they did her on A&E Biography tonight)and the upcoming Complete Peanuts collection with the wondrous Christine

I’m still a bit sleep-deprived, so I think I’ll go attend to that right now.

My momma said there’d be blogs like these…

Good night friends




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